Sedation Dentistry

Our use of sedation dentistry extends to various in-house services, with a primary focus on alleviating anxiety and fear in our patients. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable, calm, and relaxed during every dental treatment. Our team will collaborate closely with you to identify and address any specific fears or anxieties you may have and determine a treatment option that ensures your comfort.

Sedation Dentistry in Avondale, AZ

Dental sedation refers to medicine that is designed to reduce physical pain associated with treatment or to reduce anxiety and help you feel more relaxed while dental work is being completed. This makes the experience more pleasant and ensures our team can perform their duties more effectively. At Love Dental, we offer dental sedation in the form of laughing gas, oral sedation and IV sedation.

It’s important that you feel comfortable and safe during your treatment. Before any treatment, your doctor will recommend the appropriate level of sedation that meets your needs. Then, we will set up your appointment and plan accordingly for your treatment, knowing that you will be relaxed and calm during the dental appointment.

Dental Sedation Options at Love Dental

  • Nitrous (laughing gas) is a sedation technique involving nitrous oxide gas that is pumped into a patient’s nose to inhale. After receiving the nitrous for 5 minutes, many people feel a sense of calm and also experience a reduced feeling of many sensations, including pressure and pain. Laughing gas, as it’s also known, is a short-acting pain reliever and anxiolytic agent, meaning that it reduces pain and anxiety. It’s extremely safe and wears off approximately 5 minutes after the treatment ends. With this short-acting sedation option, you can drive to and from your appointment with no worries.


  • Oral sedation is a deeper level of sedation, offering patients a somewhat “fuzzy” recollection of their appointment. Patients typically take the prescribed medication either 12 hours to 1 hour prior to the scheduled appointment and arrange for a driver to transport them to the office. By the time of the appointment, the medication will have taken effect, inducing a state of sleepiness and a near absence of pain or sensations. It’s worth noting that this sedation method is typically only recommended for individuals in good overall health who have secured a responsible driver to drive them to and from the appointment.


  • IV sedation stands out as the safest approach to sedation due to its ability to be rapidly tailored to each patient. This method requires a driver to and from the appointment and is offered to healthy individuals without major medical conditions. During the treatment, the patient will experience a minor pinprick in the arm, after which the medications will induce a state of complete slumber, causing there to be no memory of the appointment.

Meet Our Sedation Expert

Dr. Aryan Abedini

Dr. Aryan Abedini attended dental school at Midwestern University. After, Dr. Abedini served in the United States Navy until he decided he was ready to place some roots. In the summer of 2022, he began construction on Love Dental. The inspiration for the practice comes straight from his passion for excellence. Learn more about Dr. Abedini.

  • What is laughing gas and what does it do?

    Laughing gas is Nitrous Oxide and is commonly used as a local sedation method. It’s colorless and odorless and its usefulness stems from its ability to quickly work and safely reverse its effects. It is a widely considered safe dental sedation method.

  • What types of anesthesia are used for dental work?

    The most common types of anesthesia used are local anesthesia, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is a numbing medication that is injected directly into the area that is to be treated—usually the gums around an affected tooth. In contrast, general anesthesia produces a more profound experience that usually leaves no memory of the actual treatment. It’s typically used for more intensive treatments like tooth extraction, dental implants, or other surgical treatments and the patient is unconscious during the process. IV sedation is a deeper type of anesthesia that achieves a period of brief sedation with very little memory of the surgery.

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